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Hello Katharina and welcome

I was afraid I had some how missed your town when I had quickly scanned through all the places and typed them up, but I found you on page four of the list.   Hit " see more" to view the complete list of place names. Amazing how the power of the internet can let us communicate back and forth across the ocean in seconds.  What our grandparents would have given to have such a fantastic method of hearing from family left behind when they ventured forth to a "new land"!   Thanks, Louise

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Membership's home places as of 8-13-2014

Membership places as of August 13, 2014

Page one

Toronto, Ont. Canada

Miokana, WI.

Karlstad, MN.

Baker city , OR..

St. Paul, MN.

Minneapolis MN.

Gladstone, OR.

Swarthmore, PA.

Scranton, PA..…


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Keeping the Kittson Historian going----

Hello to all,   I am so glad that Glenn reminded us of the upcoming dues needed to keep the Kittson Historian going.  It would be very sad to lose this site after so much work has been  done to get it built up.   The people somewhere in the world that operate the website that we subscribe to,  really don't care if our site continues to operate or not.  It is like Google, if they lose a few customers, someone else will replace them.  They are a big business and charging a fee to sell us a…


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Kittson County Historical Center and Museum News On Wednesday, October 13th, the Kittson Historian members met for their monthly meeting at the Museum in Lake Bronson. Those attending were Glenn Brow…

Kittson County Historical Center and Museum News

On Wednesday, October 13th, the Kittson Historian members met for their monthly meeting at the Museum in Lake Bronson. Those attending were Glenn Browne, Kathy Pederson, Marci Johnson, Allen and Joan Olson, Lori Bothum, Cindy Adams, Mrs. Leroy (Carol) Stumpf, Lyndon Johnson and Louise Coffield. Marie Lindstrom also…


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35th Annual Family History Workshop

Hi to all--this is just a note to let you know about a great sounding day of workshops at Moorhead/Minnesota State University onOctober 2, 2010. There are 24 different genealogy workshops throughout the day with 4 different time schedules so each person can attend 4 workshops between 8Am and 4:30 Pm. Many classes are taught by well known genealogists like Stephen Morse, Rick Crume, etc. Cost is $40.00 with lunch included with pre-registrations by September 25th. Call 218-477-5862 for info. I'm… Continue

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August meeting

Yesterday's monthly meeting was very informational. Igot to meet a new member, Cindy Wetterlund, from East Grand Forks--a delightful lady. I even found out we share some of the same relatives, which is what genealogy is all about. You never know who will turn out to be a relative.

I also looked through the Hallock Centennial History Book, which I had not done before, and found pictures of the Pacific Hotel in Hallock. Very interesting.

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20 States, Canada and United Kingdom

I just tallied up where all our Kittson Historian members are located. Would you believe we already have members in 20 of the United States, 3 Canadian members and even one in the United Kingdom. The states included in our membership are: Minnesota, California, Iowa, Florida, Utah, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Montana, Colorado, Arkansas, Nevada, North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Texas. I don't know where the 3 Canadians are from. I think this is… Continue

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Pledge to support Ning

Yes, of course I will donate my fair share to keep the website if we, as a group, can raise the funds each year. If everyone is not willing to help fund the project, then it is time to check for other avenues like Glenn described at the last group meeting, but there is no quarantee that other sites would not eventually ask us for fees in the same manner as Ning is now. Maybe we should set a small amount of yearly dues per member so everyone will be "an equal… Continue

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Updating our internet site

I tried typing this earlier but got cut off so if 2 blogs get posted--sorry! I attended the last Kittson Historian meeting this past Wednesday. Glenn gave a full report on the update needed to keep our internet site going. After his recommendation about the new site,, I also checked it out. It seems very good. Glenn has put an extreme amount of time into setting up our current site and also researching the new possiblilities and I am happy to report that I think the new Spruz site… Continue

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Baby Lewis Leskiw grave

We were very happy to find out the information about the location of this cemetery just south of the Canadian Border. Baby Lewis was the infant son of Alex and Julia (Ogorek) Leskiw and a little brother to Helen Domainiak of Virginia, MN, well know to many local Lancasterites, . Lewis is a first cousin to Anne (Leskiw) Anderson. Anne, age 94, was very happy when we took her to see this cemetery before Memorial Day, as she had not known where the baby was located prior to this. We put a floral… Continue

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