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More donations come in.

Thanks to the following people who have taken the time and trouble to make a donation.

Therese Lloyd    $20.00

Donald Jerome   $20.00

Susan Lofgren    $25.00

Helen Weiss       $10.00

Because of the distances involved some checks take longer than others to reach us. We will report all donations as they arrive.

It is never too late to send in a donation.  Our goal this time is to collect enough funds to keep us going for at least three years so we do…


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Donations have started to come in.

I was able to visit the Museum in Lake Bronson late Friday afternoon and the Director Cindy Adams reported that six more donations were mailed in.  A very sincere thank you to the following people who are helping make it possible for us to continue one more year.

Marjorie Vargus  $20.00, 

Virgil Johonson  $20.00, 

Viki Hill  $20.00, 

Aldin Johnson  $10.00, 

Vicki Volker $25.00, 

Robert Rither $25.00

As I have said many times, if each and every…


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Annual renewal of contract.

A couple of days ago I sent out a group email to all 208 members of our web page. This is the time of year when we have to pay to renew our contract with for $240.   If you did not get a copy of the email please email me at and I will try again.

We are pleased to report that Lyndon Johnson from Lancaster, MN started the ball rolling with his $5.00 check. Thank you Lyndon.

Just think, if each member send in just…


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Lancaster All School Reunion

Last night I was at the second organizational meeting for the Lancaster All School Reunion to be held in June of 2015. The exact date in June still has to be confirmed but the preliminary program looks good. The town's new community center is now open and will provide the perfect place for the main activities.

Special attention is being directed to the Registration Booth. A list of the people in attendance will be developed with attention to cell phone records. Classmates and friends…


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Charles Monson - Kennedy

These remarks are directed to Edward T. Monson who just joined.  Welcome Ed and Thanks for joining.  It might interest you to know you are the 170th member to join and we are just over four years old.

I have found a Charles Monson in Kennedy, residing there on the 5th of June 1905, during the Census.  I do not know if this is the right Charles Monson you are looking for but this man was born about 1877 in Sweden and thus was 28 years old at this point.

He came to Minnesota when…


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Find a

Find a is a great web page but it is in no way connected with the Kittson County Historical Society.

All grave records posted on Find a grave have been placed there by individuals that wish to post a Memorial to their loved ones.

There is no charge, but if a family member or relative does not post the data, then you are not going to find any information.

You will find many records of people who are buried in Kittson County on Find a grave but those records got…


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History Books

I contacted the Museum this morning and learned that five different History Books are available for sale. Halma $25.00, Lake Bronson $30.00, Humboldt $30.00, Karlstad $40.00, and "Our Northwest Corner 1979" $20.00.
To order a book send an email to the museum at

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These comments are directed to new member Kristin Strand but they apply to all new members that are requesting assistance in finding family members. The number of requests for help are increasing and it is very difficult for us to keep track of the files & information. Please follow the instructions below as it will assist us all greatly.

Kris has just joined and requested help finding information on Thomas Inglis who ran a store…


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Peterson, Frank William (Willie)

New member Nancy Gates sent me an enqiry regarding one of her family members, Frank William Peterson.  My first search for Frank William Peterson failed to give me any information.

However, Nancy also gave me the name of his wife, Emma Christianson and the names of three children.  I found Emma on the Marcy Johnson Kittson Family tree.

For starters Frank went by the name Willie so that was why he did not show up in the early search. He was born in Germany and his fathers name…


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GOOD NEWS!! We collected $565. to date.

The drive to raise funds to continue this web page another year was very successful. Our renewal date was July 21st 2012. So we are good until the end of July 2013. The following list shows the names of the individuals that stepped forward to donate from $50.00 to $5.00.

Browne, Glenn

Coffield, Louise

Denny, Catherine

Ervin, Janet

Gonzalez, George & Nancy (Wiklund)

Gunnarson, Virgil

Hill, Vicki



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Your web page at work!

Katharina Hoffman from Norway recently Googled Teien township, which is in Kittson County. She learned about this web page and she became a member. Go to her membership page to read the details.  She then asked us for help in finding out information on her great grandfather Clarens Einar Pederson.

We in turn phoned Marcy Johnson as she has a great deal of experience with county church records. Marcy agreed to check her records and said she would email us back with the…


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In July of each year our web page, has to ask for donations in order to pay our fee to Ning supplies us with the platform and software that runs our web page.  If you were one of the generous members who sent us money, thank you very much.  This web page was created and is managed by volunteers.  Not one cent goes for hidden expences, salarys, or the so called overhead…


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Daniel Hayden - 1828 - 1904

Attention of new member Scott Hayden.

I have located a Daniel Hayden in our records, but before I continue my research I wish to make sure we have the right person.

Daniel was born in England May 1828 and died 23 Mar 1904 in Hazelton township, Kittson County, Mn.  His wife was Marie, also born in England about 1827.  The records show they had seven (7) children.

Once you confirm that this is your GGG grandfather I will supply further information. If we have the right…


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Recent email sent to all members of this web page.

You are receiving this email because you are a member of the Kittson County Historian web page.  Since last year we have increased our membership by over 30% and we now have a total of 123 members.  By the end of this month we will be three and a half years old.

Our annual subscription to will soon be due and we must raise a total of $239.00, In order to keep the Kittson Historian web page on line.  As more people join and more groups are created, the word is spreading about…


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How to get the best out of your membership in the Kittson Historian web site.

Do you find that weeks and months can go by before you remember to check for updates on this web site?

If there is a subject or topic that you are interested in, add yourself as a member to any or all of the Groups created on this site. If you are a member of a group you will automatically be emailed anytime something new has been posted. If you created a Group, anything you post to it will be brought to the attention of people who join your group.

Just the…


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Thomas Murray of Northcote.

Marie Grant is the most recent member to join the Kittson Historian.  This blog is directed to her personally but it may be of interest to others.  I have located her grandfather, Thomas Murray at the age of two, on the 1885 Census, along with many family members.It would appear that his father was Donald Murray, age 58, born in Scotland. Donald's wife was Isabella, age 51, born in Canada.

The following appears to be  the names and ages of the children, all born in Canada. Only Thomas…


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Early pioneers - 1979 Tax list

At the September Genealogy Association meeting the topic of early Kittson pioneers came up. Old Census records can provide lists but we were looking for something prior to a census. Cindy Adams, the director of the museum, managed to find an old tax book that contained three tax lists.  The first was for Kittson County in the year 1879 and contained some thirty names. It also contained two 1880 lists, one headed Hallock and the second called St. Vincent.

So far, these are the oldest…


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Old Wagon Wheels


 Exploring old farms in Northwestern Minnesota in order to photo the old buildings and equipment is a pleasant way to spend a day. Recently I discovered this old set of wagon wheels in some woods that overlook the Red River of the North.The farm is over a hundred years old and is surrounded by a large dike that has protected it from flooding many times in the past.…


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For some years now I have been taking photos of the old farms and homes in Kittson County. I have watched the weather and gravity take their toll. Many of these farm sites were very active for a hundred years and more. They sheltered two or three generations of the same family. In the last thirty years the pace of farm abandonment has picked up.  The children move away to begin their own lives and to find work that is no longer available in the county. The parents grow old and have no one to…


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Fund raiser 2011

By now each member will have received an email requesting donations to pay for the annual costs of our service.  I know a few donations have already been received at the museum but we need each and every member to contribute at least five dollars if we are to continue with the Kittson Historian web page.

In two and a half years we have grown to a total of 95 members. That works out to an average of 3.16 new members a month. I believe we can do much better.

If we fail…


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