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Building a family tree &

If you have been working on a Family Tree and reach a dead end or what is known as a brick wall, it can be frustrating. If you buy a membership on they allow you to post your entire Family Tree on line. All of your information is added to their data base and included in any and all searches made by other members. My paternal grandmother came from Northern Ireland and searching the records has been very difficult. I discovered on a few scraps of new information. A…


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NING PLUS - upgrade completed July 20th, 2010!

NING PLUS upgrade completed July 20th, 2010!

This afternoon commenced selling upgrades and Kittson County Historical Society now has NING PLUS for our Kittson web page. The original annual price was set at $199.95. Because we purchased it today as it first came available we were given a further discount and an extra months…


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Visitors doing research at the museum.

Visitors doing research.

This morning I was at the museum for a few hours and during that time I met five people who visited for various reasons. Two were in their 70’s, two were in their 80’s and one was over 90 years young. It is a pleasure to help people find family members they have been searching for and adding new names and facts to their family tree. We direct people to…


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Wickie brothers visit.

While the Kittson Historical Society and the museum have many visitors during the summer months, we are now starting to see members of the Kittson Historian web page on our door step. Tom and Dick Wickie arrived about ten days ago and spent a large part of the day going through the Museum and getting a tour of the research centre from Kathy Pederson. We enjoyed their visit and appreciated the chance to get to know them…


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Museum improvements

The museum is continually working on exhibits or the building itself and David Danielson is the man in charge year round. During the summer, student part time help assists David. A new set of stairs was just constructed in the main storage building in order to safely reach a storage loft. I got a chance to inspect the new stairs built by David and Wyatt Johnson. They did a great job as you can see. David is in the…


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Kittson Historian members visit museum

At the last meeting of the Kittson Genealogy meeting we had two new members arrive. Vicki Hill came from Hamilton, North Dakota where she recently took up residence with her husband. Georgine Cleem Whalen also appeared after a long drive from Arizona. Instead of a regular meeting we spent the after noon visiting and assisting them in finding information on their families. An enjoyable time was had by…


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Keep those checks coming! just announced that on July 20th we can purchase an upgrade to Ning Plus. That gives us a little over two weeks to collect all our pledges. As of yesterday the following generous members have submitted their checks.

Glenn Browne $20.

Roberta Nyquist $20.

Vicki Hill $15.

Darnielle Kimbrel $20.

Louise Coffield $20.

Thomas Wickie $20.

Marjorie Vargas $20.

Ed Merck $20.

Bev. Niebruegge $20.

Marcy Johnson…


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A letter to all members.

I am pleased to report that we have now received pledges in excess of two hundred dollars and we are in a position to arranged for the upgrade to Ning Plus.

We wish to thank you for your pledge and would appreciate if you would forward your check in the amount of your pledge, payable to The Kittson County Historical Society, at the…


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New Spam protection. has just started a new safe guard to keep out spammers. I have deleted many dozens so far.

Now a new member will have to answer the question, Where is the County Courhouse located. This questione will be changed now and then to keep the spammers out. Anyone interested in joining our Kittson County Historical Society page should know that answer or knows someone they can ask. Spammers will not wish to waste their time. If they do we will delete them and…


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May 17th, 2010

Over the weekend we obtained a total of $95.00 in pledges and heard from seven members. We still have not heard from the other 53 members. If we can get $200. in pledges we will be able to buy/upgrade to the Ning Plus features and continue for another year.

I sent out an email to each one of our 60 members but only seven replied and 6 pledged money. That is a poor showing on what one would think was an important subject. I know everyone is busy with life but why go to the…


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From time to time you will note our membership will jump from one to five new members and just as quickly drop back to normal. These are either spammers or crack-pots that have no interest in our page but wish to us it for their personal reasons. As quickly as I spot them I punch the delete button and off they go. So far I have deleted 32.

Once I block them for span the network blocks that person with that email address from all two million other web pages on the…


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As you may or may not know, is phasing out their free service as of July 2010. This means we have to upgrade to a new platform, move, or get deleted. As a result I have carefully checked out a dozen sites that provide a free Social website platform. I examined them in detail and narrowed it down to and opened a new page there earlier this month to test it.…


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For your information the free web page for our Kittson Historical Society has been discontinued as of July 2010. We are left with four choices.

1. Ning Mini - $2.95 a month or $19.95 a year but it is limited to 150 members, provides for no groups , nor any help center support.

2. Ning Plus - $19.95 a month or $199.95 a year. Unlimited membership, standard features and support.

3. Ning Pro - $49.95 a month or $499.95 a year with premium features and… Continue

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Prairie grass fire at night.

This is the time of the year that farmers and cattle ranchers set fire to the fields or pasture to remove all the dead grass and weeds. It is also a good way to kill small trees and bushes before they get too big. This field was one mile wide and half a mile long. The light from the flames lights up the huge clouds of smoke so the fire can be seen from miles away.The closer you drive to the fire the taller the flames grow. You can understand why a…


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Red River Flood crest reaches Kittson County

My previous Blog showed a photo taken from the Red River Bridge on Hwy175 on Sunday March 21st, 2010.

Yesterday the flood crest reached the bridge and flooded Hwy #175. The road to the bridge was closed yesterday. The bridge at Drayton is also closed over the river.

The above photo was taken this morning on Hwy 175 about a mile east of the bridge. This photo was taken facing west. You can see the water is now flowing over the road from…


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At the present time Fargo North Dakota has been fighting the Red River flood crest which is now moving north to Grand Forks. The river is out of it’s banks west of Hallock but there is a chance that it will not flood as wide an area as it did last spring. It flooded the county at least five miles east of the river and all roads were closed. The flood crest has about another 50 miles to go before it reaches our county.…


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CEMETERY DIRECTORY - Kittson County, Minnesota - November 2009

This is the cover for the new Cemetery Directory which has a total of 82 pages. It was produced by the Kittson County Historical Society - Editor Marcy Johnson. It sold out shortly after it was printed.

This is the Table of Contents, listing the Cemeteries, followed by a sample of a couple…


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I have been assisting Marcy Johnson take photos of Kittson County Churches and Cemeteries to be included in a booklets on the same topic. As a result I have come to appreciate that in addition to the recognized Church Cemeteries the county also has private family cemeteries, abandoned cemeteries, township cemeteries and single burials.

There are so many interesting stories connected with these sites I am compelled to share them with you.

One concerns a Civil War Veteran… Continue

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When I crossed the Drayton bridge it was Sunday so no one was working and I was able to drive down to the construction site and examine the progress in detail. It looks like the large steel pilings are almost all in place on the North Dakota side. The bridge has been designed to start farther back from the river on the Drayton side and sit much higher when it crosses the river. This results in a longer and higher bridge.

I noticed that a number of the bridge supports which the bridge… Continue

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I was in Drayton ND on Sunday June 20th, and crossed the Red River on the bridge that runs from Robbin, Mn to Drayton. When I saw the construction for the new bridge I was reminded that it will not be long before the old bridge is history. With that in mind I stopped and took a few photos

I walked down to the bank of the river and took a few more shots. It is hard to believe how high the water rises to shut down this bridge.…


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