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By now each member will have received an email requesting donations to pay for the annual costs of our service.  I know a few donations have already been received at the museum but we need each and every member to contribute at least five dollars if we are to continue with the Kittson Historian web page.

In two and a half years we have grown to a total of 95 members. That works out to an average of 3.16 new members a month. I believe we can do much better.

If we fail to raise enough money this site will close down and most probably all the information will be lost. I believe the original idea to create this site was a good idea but I do not feel it has even begun to achieve what it is capable of. In the beginning I made an effort to contribute a considerable amount of information in the hope it would help get the project up and running. I soon reached the point where I felt my name and my contributions of material and ideas was getting out of balance so I backed off and let other members take the lime light. 

Recently I had some deep discussions with the Director of the Museum, Cindy Adams, about the future of this site. I am feel the lack of activity on the site indicates the idea is not worth pursuing.  If the members fail to contribute enough money, the lack of interest speaks for itself and the project will end. Very few people are contributing information about their family history.

I originaly visualized a page where almost daily traffic would occur and people who were interested in the history of the county would contribute information, share photos and initiate stories and tales of the past. I felt this would be a great place to leave a written history of your family experiences, along with the trials and tribulations they faced during their daily lives.

The museum has advanced the money to renew the Ning site for one more year. We need to raise the funds to pay them back as the original agreement was this site would be self-supporting. This site will close on July 20th 2012 next year if we fail to raise the funds and if he members fail to visit on a regular basis and share in the improvement of Kittson Historian.

Because I strongly believe in the original concept of this historical site I have advised Director Cindy that I will do my best, for the balance of the year, to improve the site by regular contributions of ideas, stories, photos, and historical data that I find interesting. So here is the challenge. If you get sick and tired of seeing my face and my contributions on this site you only have to jump in and add something yourself.

The more often to you visit and contribute the better this place will be and the less you will see of me. I have had my fifteen minutes of fame a couple of times in my life so I have no desire to dominate the Kittson Historian. However, I will do my best to re-vigorate these pages and can only hope that each and every one of you appreciate the potential of this location and will pitch in. The clock is ticking.

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