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Attention of new member Scott Hayden.

I have located a Daniel Hayden in our records, but before I continue my research I wish to make sure we have the right person.

Daniel was born in England May 1828 and died 23 Mar 1904 in Hazelton township, Kittson County, Mn.  His wife was Marie, also born in England about 1827.  The records show they had seven (7) children.

Once you confirm that this is your GGG grandfather I will supply further information. If we have the right person, may I respectfully suggest that you open a Group in the name of Daniel Hayden.  Once you do that, I will join your group and post any and all information I find on his family.  Each time new information is posted (by anyone) you will receive an email notifying you of new posts.

Our records show at least twenty persons with the name of Hayden.


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