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I was able to visit the Museum in Lake Bronson late Friday afternoon and the Director Cindy Adams reported that six more donations were mailed in.  A very sincere thank you to the following people who are helping make it possible for us to continue one more year.

Marjorie Vargus  $20.00, 

Virgil Johonson  $20.00, 

Viki Hill  $20.00, 

Aldin Johnson  $10.00, 

Vicki Volker $25.00, 

Robert Rither $25.00

As I have said many times, if each and every member of this web page was to contribute only $5.00 we could pay our annual fee to for up to three years at a time.  When we started out some five and a half years ago the platform was free.  Not many things are free so it was not surprising it changed. Take a moment to write a five dollar check to the Kittson Historical Society - Main street, Lake Bronson, MN  56734.  

Do your part, give us your financial support so we can continue to preserve and exchange historical information on the people and places of Kittson County.

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