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I am helping some of my friends from church to find their relatives. The father's name was Engnar Forsberg and on his U.S. World War 1 Draft Registration Card 1917-1918 it listed he was born in Hallock, MN on May 30, 1895.   We only have his father as John Forsberg and his mother as Emma, but no last name for her.  They remember that they had some relatives by the name of Lindberg and Mattson (don’t know if that is 1 T or not) Does anyone on this site heard of that Forsberg name and if you are a relative of these people?

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Comment by Glenn Browne on November 13, 2012 at 3:18pm

I have found nineteen (19) Forsbergs  but no Engar or John. I did find an Emma Augusta Forseberg, born 25 Oct 1862 in Ramsberg, Orebro, Sweden and died 22 Apr 1889. Note she was only 26 when she died.

She married Rev Axel W. Bergstrom, born 26 Apr 1858 in Regna, Ostergotland, Sweden and died 2 Feb 1836 in Denver, Co.

They had three children, Mabel Cidilia born Jan 1884 in  Chicago, Ill

Elin Otila born 04 Dec 1885 - died 16 Dec 1888         Hilma Elvna born 18 Sep 1888.   Note the last two children were born in Teien Township of Kittson County so that is another local lead that needs checking. 

These are the first names of all the Forsberg listed in our records but do not seem to match.  Agnes Evelyn,  Andrew,  Anna,  Arnold Edsel Clarence,  Brita,  Carol Irene,  Charles John,  David Mark,  Della Chrestina,  Ellen,  Emma Augusta,  Inga Carolina,  Johannes,  May,  Nels,  Oscar,  Sheriff William,  Sophie,  Thilda Carolina.

If you find any connections or interest in any of these names listed please let us know and we will produce any further details we can find.   

Comment by Connie Erdmann on February 6, 2013 at 5:47pm

I found out some information on the people I am looking for.  Emma Christine Johnson was born June 14, 1865 in Sweden, she married John Forsberg on July 9 1892 in Hallock, Minnesota.  A son,  Engnar Alden Forsberg was born on May 30, 1895 in Hallock, Minnnesota.   We have the father's name as John Johnson. In the obituary for Emma it list a brother and a sister in the twin cities. 

Comment by Connie Erdmann on February 7, 2013 at 7:10pm

Did they list the parents when they got married back in 1892? 

Comment by Olle Fonsell on February 18, 2013 at 4:59am

Connie Erdman

I have a lot of informaion on Emma Augusta Forsberg's family in case you are interested

Comment by Connie Erdmann on February 18, 2013 at 7:39am

My Emma is Emma Christine Forsberg-- could it be a relative?  I emailed you!


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