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How to get the best out of your membership in the Kittson Historian web site.

Do you find that weeks and months can go by before you remember to check for updates on this web site?

If there is a subject or topic that you are interested in, add yourself as a member to any or all of the Groups created on this site. If you are a member of a group you will automatically be emailed anytime something new has been posted. If you created a Group, anything you post to it will be brought to the attention of people who join your group.

Just the other day our 100th member joined.  In a few more months we will have been in operation for three years.But, I regret to say that the activity on the web page has not reached its potential so steps are being taken to increase member participation. We are also open to ideas and suggestions on how to improve the Kittson Historian.

We are not just looking for new members, but more member activity.

If you are interested in keeping informed about the growth and activities on this site may I suggest that you join the new group we have just created called ACTIVE MEMBERS. Once you join this group you will automatically be informed when new or interesting activities take place. The more activities that occur, the more interesting  the Kittson Historian will become.

Every month the interest in family genealogy increases throughout the world and in particular right here in Kittson County. Our own research department is receiving more and more inquiries by email, phone, and letters,  from people endeavoring to build their family trees. The museum and the historical site continues to receive a great number of thanks from the people they have helped. While Kittson County might be one of the smallest counties population wise, they have a reputation for exceeding the level of assistance given by much larger counties.

Please be a more active member and help us build a better web page.

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