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Keeping the Kittson Historian going----

Hello to all,   I am so glad that Glenn reminded us of the upcoming dues needed to keep the Kittson Historian going.  It would be very sad to lose this site after so much work has been  done to get it built up.   The people somewhere in the world that operate the website that we subscribe to,  really don't care if our site continues to operate or not.  It is like Google, if they lose a few customers, someone else will replace them.  They are a big business and charging a fee to sell us a website is their business.  We have to get the money from somewhere or "they" will discontinue our site on the airwaves and all information and photos will be lost.    I, for one, am definately going to get my donation in tomorrow at our monthly genealogy meeting at the Kittson County Museum in Lake Bronson at 1:30 pm.  All of you are invited too. 

Our museum is one of the best I have ever been to.  I lived in the Twin Cities for 30 years and visited many museums and this one definately ranks in the top per cent.  This museum operates on a shoe string  budget and relies heavily on donations to keep going.   Unless you have visited the museum or have requested information on your family, you would have no idea of the amount of information available here.  Paper and postage are all spendy items if Kathy sends out a packet of information to you,  money that has to come from someone's donation.   Let's all work together and keep this delightful website available to all of us so future generations will have information available on their ancestors!. 

One more thing, I would really like to see more people (everyone) posting their photos to the site so we each can see who we are visiting with!

Thanks for lending me a moment of your time.   Louise Coffield

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