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Thanks to the following people who have taken the time and trouble to make a donation.

Therese Lloyd    $20.00

Donald Jerome   $20.00

Susan Lofgren    $25.00

Helen Weiss       $10.00

Because of the distances involved some checks take longer than others to reach us. We will report all donations as they arrive.

It is never too late to send in a donation.  Our goal this time is to collect enough funds to keep us going for at least three years so we do not have to bother the members each year. So far a dozen member have contributed $275.00.  We still have not heard from 196 members. We would be happy to receive $5.00 per member  and it would quickly put us over the top.  Please reconsider and take a moment to make a donation to a worthy cause.

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Comment by Katharina Hoffman on October 26, 2014 at 6:37am
Beeing I live overseas it's imposdible to send money, but I would be happy to look up stuff in Norwgian records for people if they give you some money for it so you can keep up with this site.


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