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 Exploring old farms in Northwestern Minnesota in order to photo the old buildings and equipment is a pleasant way to spend a day. Recently I discovered this old set of wagon wheels in some woods that overlook the Red River of the North.The farm is over a hundred years old and is surrounded by a large dike that has protected it from flooding many times in the past. The wheels have to be between seventy-five to a hundred years old. The wooden rims have almost rotted away but the iron rim still outlines their position. Usually the iron rims fall off the wooden rim but in this case the farmer, at some point in time, has wired them together. These wheels no doubt hauled many crops off the fields and eventually into town. The return trips brought home supplies for the farm and family. Trips made in all types of weather during the summer and winter months. Many teams of horses pulled this wagon and they are all long gone. The old farmer died last week, a year short of his hundredth birthday. No doubt they all deserved their rest.

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