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New member Nancy Gates sent me an enqiry regarding one of her family members, Frank William Peterson.  My first search for Frank William Peterson failed to give me any information.

However, Nancy also gave me the name of his wife, Emma Christianson and the names of three children.  I found Emma on the Marcy Johnson Kittson Family tree.

For starters Frank went by the name Willie so that was why he did not show up in the early search. He was born in Germany and his fathers name was August (Persson) Peterson.

Willie's wife was Emma Christianson and she was born in Pelan Township. Her first child was Edward August, born abut 1906 in Minnesota.

The second child was Hillary William Sr, born 1 Feb 1909 - died 11 Apr 1984.

The third child was Doris Marie, born 16 Aug 1911 and died 4 July 1977 in Marshall County.

Now that we have established these basic facts in the local records it gives us something to work from. May I suggest you open a Group in the name of  Frank William (Willie) Peterson and post any further comments regarding him and his family to that Group.  Any new information we dig up will also be posted there.  You will be notified each time new information is posted. In future, anyone who is interested in "Willie" can join his group, and they too will be notified each time something new is posted. We will continue to try and find more information on "Willie" and his family.      Glenn

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Comment by Nancy Gates on November 9, 2012 at 4:57pm

I do very much appreciate this help. Mr. Browne's research matches mine which can be more thoroughly examined on There are a few Emma Christianson Peterson's and a few Frank and/or William Peterson's. It was his WWI draft card which lists his name as "Frank William Peterson." The draft card lists his birth year as 1878 but his Karlstad Cemetery stone and the Minnesota Death Index list the year as 1875. Perhaps it was a copying error somewhere along the line. If anyone knows the answer, that would help in the search for his immigration record. I didn't know, and was really searching for, his father's name which you've now provided. Does anyone know if August (Persson) Peterson came to this country as well? Many, many thanks from a long-distance researcher!

Comment by Nancy Gates on November 9, 2012 at 5:18pm

Mr. Browne, Could you tell me where you found Frank William Peterson's father's name? Do you have any dates for him? The only one I can find has a birth date of 1960, and although he does have a son Frederick, that child is born in 1895.

Comment by Glenn Browne on November 9, 2012 at 8:06pm

I have made some more inquiries and the fathers name was obtained from the Karlstad History book. I understand there is a copy in the Museum Research department.  I will arrange to check it out and get back to you shortly.

Comment by Carol Novicky on November 12, 2012 at 6:43am

I am so excited to hear this good information about Willie Peterson.  He is quite the legend in our family.  My father is David Christinson.  Emma Christianson Peterson is his fathers sister or his aunt.  I wonder if it is okay to scan the pages I have the information on Willie Peterson I have from the brown Kittson County historical book?  Does anyone know?  I could scan it in and post it here if that is okay?  Thanks for your help.


Carol Novicky


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