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The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society and the LDS in joint project indexed the Saskatchewan Probate records through a process called waypointing.  I have done some of the "waypointing" and have been working mainly as an arbitrator for the last few weeks.  A lot of these files contain information on people who originated or left  heirs in the United States.  A large portion of this collection has already been published on  It can be found on their website under  Collections, Canada, Saskatchewan and then Probate records. If you have any "missing" family members, it might be worth a look.  The files are from approximately 1880 to 1930 and cover the province.  There are few more files to be published and  these will be  up shortly once the arbitration is finished.  These include the judicial centers of  Shaunavon-Cypress, Melville and Moose Jaw.

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